The benefits of canine massage

Massage or massage therapy is a set of manual techniques that promote  welfare and well-being through the use  of hand movements on different parts of the body.

It actively contributes to your dog's physical and emotional balance.

These strokes act on the soft tissues: the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments aim to improve the animals physical condition and vitality.

Canine massage is a range of different types of strokes, with the intention of promoting muscle relaxation, stimulating blood circulation,  eliminating toxins, stimulate blood flow  by warming the  muscles, aiding joint mobility and flexibility, stimulating the lymph which helps  to strengthen the immune system.

Its benefits can include:

 - Healing, relaxation, stimulation

- Decrease muscle pain

- Reduction of pain contractions

- The improvement of the range of motion

- Contributing to a quicker recovery

  (After certain surgeries) ...



What kind of dog benefits from massage?

Canine massage is beneficial to most dogs :

 - "Working " (hunting, herd, guide, rescue ...)

- "Sports" or "competition" (ring, agility, cani-cross ...)

- "Companion" -that may lack much physical activity

- Aging (aging disorders)

- Osteoarthritis ...

- Postoperative care  under  veterninary control


The contraindications for canine massage are


- Temperature greater than 39.5° C. - Increase in temperature may indicates an infection and  massage will make things worse by activating the blood circulation

- open wound (it is possible to massage the rest of the body to relieve without touching the injured area)

 - Trauma, such as a muscle tear,a sprain or a bruise

- Neurological disease (distemper, epilepsy ...)     

- Diarrhea, colitis, hernia    

- Crisis of acute arthritis because the massage  will aggravate inflammation

- Malignant tumor or cyst (veterinary advice is imperative)

- Dermatological problems such as scabies, ringworm, sepsis

- Pregnant female


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